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vitiligo requet by anonymous

Is the third picture his arm? And what is going on in the sixth picture? Is that makeup or blood or?

Third picture is of Michael’s leg @ the doctors office in the early 2000’s. A spider bit his leg and he had to have the doctor check it, and it shows his vitiligo. Sixth picture is his glove after the Victory tour and it shows his cover up makeup that rubbed off on the glove after sweating in it. Really sad, but the effort Michael made to cover up his disease is astounding. :(



how can people be so heartless and tell him he didn’t want to be who he was. meanwhile, the TRUTH, is that he was going through a traumatizing (because of identity and such being stripped away from you) transformation due to a horrible disease :(




Michael Jackson At Chasen’s

1978: Yes, believe it or not, this is a young and handsome Michael Jackson. I met him and then over the years, I photographed him at a bunch of parties and concerts. This photo was taken on the sidewalk at the old Chasen’s Restaurant at the corner of Doheny Road and Beverly Blvd (where Bristol Farms market sits today).  Chasen’s had the best chili and fried chicken. This particular party was for the Grammy’s. The photos inside were boring and too posed. Michael wanted a break from the crowd of backslappers and stepped outside for some fresh air. I was right behind him. What I like about this photograph is the stain on the sidewalk. It is interesting that I had full access to Michael at this party and the most memorable photograph was taken in the street! Photo by Brad Elterman

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Who’s Bad

Michael Jackson: Did he need to die? Preview 2 of HL Special, Collectors Edition

See Preview 1 here

… Why is it only now, watching again Barbara Walters’ interview, it is not Michael Jackson but the host who looks unreasonable in emphatically formal attire—gray suit, short haircut, seemingly intended to underscore her subject’s perverseness—when she asks, rather asserts, isn’t it his “extreme” appearance that provokes press ridicule? Does she want him to dress like her, behave like her, think like her? Gray suit, short haircut? Whom she would be interviewing then, and for such a rating? Herself?

Lady Gaga, a talented and promising performer, seems to be adopting the “technic” of attracting media, only with a safety belt: she would appear before press and on stage, well, everybody knows in what, do her thing, and go back to normal, being very practical, calculating and cautious about where, how and what to say, do and wear, admirably, cold mindedly and skillfully managing her career— the very thing Michael Jackson would have found unthinkable—to be a pretender on stage, or vice versa.

Michael Jackson was the embodiment of his art; this was the very thing that gave him his immense power and the unwillingness to be dishonest offstage is probably what had killed him. It is unlikely now if he were looking back at the pain he went through and had a chance to live his life again that he would submit to what was the public’s demand and his abhorrence. He was eccentric on stage and in life, and if he had been a Gray Suit in life, he would have been a Gray Suit on stage. Above all, he believed that there is nothing to conceal because of his harmless nature and such, rather rare, characters usually tend to believe in symmetrical response, no matter how many injuries the more common result produces. Because believing otherwise would have ruined him…

“When your life is in front of 100 million people since the age of 5 you are automatically different.”

And different he was. But people around him weren’t.

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